Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sustaining the Weary

The Lord God has given me the tongue of a teacher, that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word. 
~Isaiah 50:4 

Lately, every day seems to get busier and busier than normal. I feel my day go rushing past me... I wake up, Praise God for another day, get ready for work, drive past all of God's many other children going through their daily routine(s). Get to work, put in my full day of assisting others, and if by chance being a witness, a light for someone else. I then rush home and begin my evening routine to make our house, "a home". I know I'll be ready to hit that pillow again, knowing that it will all start again the next day... but...  I go to sleep knowing this: 

I will go to sleep renewed and blessed. 
He brings me hope, healing and rest. 

Lord, make me an instrument and help me learn how I can instruct others in the ways of God. 

"Dear God, may we serve you by empowering others to persist in faith." 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Regret - Today's Reading

Regret is such a small word that packs such huge consequences.
If we're all honest with ourselves, there are some decisions we made at some point...knowingly or unknowingly at the time...that we can look back on and wish we had chosen differently.
If someone is going through a preventable illness, it's likely they wish they would've taken better care of their health.
If they've experienced a bad divorce or a broken relationship with their children, it's likely there are many "if I had only..." regrets.
There are many situations in life we can wish we had taken a different...a better...path.
No matter what regrets you are facing today, please do not allow your regrets to define you. You are not a failure, a reject, or a loser. No, you are simply a human being who made a poor decision...or maybe you are having to live with the consequences of another person's regretful actions or decisions.
We each are made in the image of God.
Think about that incredible truth!
Since we are each made in God's image, we are all incredibly special, loved, and valuable...God still has a purpose and plan for each person's life that only they can do.
God has the power to make EVERYTHING work together for our good if we love Him.
Something a friend shared with me awhile back really put this in perspective. I hope it encourages you:
"God can turn your mess into a message, your test into a testimony, He can turn you from being a victim into a victor, and He can give you great triumph from your trials. He can turn your scars into stars and your pain into a pulpit"
It's true! No matter what has happened so far in your life, God is not finished with you yet! Nothing you have done...or anything someone has done to you...has made him love you any less. He genuinely loves you so very much!
Take time today to have an intimate conversation with God about your deepest guilts and regrets. Pour your heart out to Him and ask Him to help you to truly put your life back together.
Good things are to come. You can't do anything about the past but God can do everything with your future.