Monday, October 22, 2007

Fault-Finding and Judging Others

For one of my daily readings today, I was enlightened with the following:

I'm slipping when I begin taking another person's inventory, not mine.

~ Anonymous

It seems so much easier to live someone else's life than it is to live our own. We can see someone else's faults much more clearly than our own. We can tell someone else how to correct a character defect, and not work on our own. It is easier to take someone else's inventory than it is to take our own. These are all clues to why we have had so much trouble in our lives.

These things are all danger signs. Our very best thinking got us into this Fellowship. Most of us earned our seats around the table by totally mismanaging the affairs of our lives. We have enough on our plates trying to sort out the will of our Highter Power in our own lives. We have no business trying to run anyone else's.

If I persist in trying to live another person's life, I am likely to stop my spiritual progress. Let me remember to keep tabs on my own faults and let others take care of their own.